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Return or Damaged Product Information

Brickhunter unfortunately can’t offer refunds or exchanges at this time. Due to the weight and shipping cost of brick our product is not refundable.

To ensure this product will work for your project it is recommended that a sample is ordered prior to ordering thin brick for your project.

Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer as it will not be refunded.

Over 10%+ of broken or unusable thin brick in an entire order
The Brick Institute of America recommends an allowance of at least 10% for unusable breakage when estimating thin brick quantities needed for a project. All material is shipped in full. NO returns.

We only replace items if they are damaged beyond the 10%. If you receive an order where there is more than 10% damage please contact Brickhunter by e-mail with pictures of damaged product and order # to

We appreciate your business and want to ensure your satisfaction.


Brickhunter Sales Team